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Anamika Sharma (DSOM Ex-Trainee)- To DSOM’s Trainers I’ll will give 10/10

Posted at: 02-03-2019 | Category: Testimonials | Author: DSOM
Anamika Sharma (DSOM Ex-Trainee)- To DSOM’s Trainers I’ll will give 10/10

“DSOM is the right place to make your career in Digital Marketing Field”

Anamika Sharma, DSOM Ex-Trainee


Today, We DSOM (Dehradun School of Online Marketing) invited our Ex-trainees and had an interesting session with them. Firstly, we had an interesting session with Miss Anamika Sharma, DSOM’s Ex-trainee. Read on the complete interview to know how DSOM helped her to get on the path of success in the beset way possible.

Q1Welcome, Anamika! Please introduce yourself to our readers?

Ans. I am a student and recently completed my Digital Marketing training at DSOM. Earlier, I was working as an SEM Executive and Graphic Designer at Eden logix Greater Noida. I worked there for almost 2 years. Now, I am working as a Digital Marketing Executive at BYS Pvt. Ltd, Dehradun. and also doing freelancing.

Q2. Please Tell Us, why you decided to go for Digital Marketing?

Ans. I was loving and passionate about Marketing and I believed that Digital was the best way to go. That’s why I decided to join Digital Marketing Training and learn the strategies and techniques.

Q3.  Why you decided to join DSOM?

Ans. When I decided to take in Digital Marketing then, firstly I attended DSOM demo class, it was so impressive. DSOM’s course covers all the modules of Digital Marketing and it was so interesting.

Q4How was your experience with DSOM?

Ans. It was Excellent and I have no words to share my lovely experience. The trainers at DSOM are very helpful. They assist me always even after completing my training. I really thanks full for all the trainers who assisted me, taught me the digital marketing strategies and tips.

Q5. Tell us the readers, How Digital Marketing helped in your Career?

Ans. Digital Marketing is a progressive field. when I was doing my job in greater Noida, then I had only known about the digital marketing, but I don’t know how the digital marketing strategies works. After completing 2 years on my job, then I decided to came my home town Dehradun and decided to attending the digital marketing class at DSOM. Now Here, I am working as a Digital Marketing Executive + Graphic Designer, and also working as a freelancer. J

Q6How would you rate DSOM’s training program on a scale of 1-10?

Ans. To DSOM’s course I’ll give 8/10 and to DSOM’s Trainers I’ll give 10/10.

Q7What would you say to Digital Marketing Aspirants?

Ans. Keep on learning & understanding new things. DSOM’s course is short-term yet offers you long-term benefits. Go for it. Never stop learning! Keep exploring this stream as it is changing every day.