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Join DSOM’s Training Program, it’s best.”- Shivam Tandon | DSOM.IN

Posted at: 02-03-2019 | Category: Testimonials | Author: DSOM
Join DSOM’s Training Program, it’s best.”- Shivam Tandon | DSOM.IN

“DSOM offers unparalleled learning.”

Shivam Tandon, DSOM Ex-Trainee


Q1Welcome, Shivam! Please share your education and work details with our readers.

Ans. Hello, Myself Shivam Tandon I lived in Dehradun and I have done BBA from Uttaranchal university after that I moved to Delhi for seeking a good job but as per the scenario of the job seekers that they are not getting the job so I do research about short-term courses and I found digital marketing and it has a vast scope so as jobs!

Q2. Please Tell Us, why you decided to go for Digital Marketing?

Ans. I am saying it in 3 points

  1. Because of the Digital revolution everyone is going digital
  2. I found it interesting because of the online work as I am the computer geek.
  3. N no. of jobs

Q3.  Why did you decide to join DSOM?

Ans. Because of the reputation of this institute and heard a lot of good things about this institute

Q4How was the experience at DSOM?

Ans. One Word AMAZING…!!!!!! DSOM mainly focus on the practical things, not like other digital marketing institute which give 80% theoretical knowledge about digital marketing and in Digital Marketing it’s all about the practical and the faculty of DSOM is so helpful and professional.

Thank You DSOM for gave me the vision for my future and help me to build up my career

Cheers for DSOM

Q5. Tell us the readers, How Digital Marketing helped in your Career?

Ans. Digital Marketing helped me a lot in my career actually it gives me the boost to my career as I am a marketing student.

Q6How would you rate DSOM’s training program on a scale of 1-10?


Q7Your message to digital marketing aspirants.

Ans. If you are looking to learn Digital Marketing in Dehradun choose only DSOM they are the best

Thanks Shivam! It was a pleasure talking to you. Have a great career ahead!