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Know your Facebook completely - amazing facts about Facebook

Posted at: 01-03-2019 | Category: SMO | Author: DSOM
Know your Facebook completely - amazing facts about Facebook

Facebook is one of the social media platforms where information can be shared digitally with each other globally. Facebook is composed of many features within it. It may be or may not be known to you. Let’s discuss the amazing facts about Facebook and various features of it.


1.     Post- Facebook provides facility to post text, photo, video, and other materials and share it with the other people depending upon the privacy setting.


2.     Message- Facebook allow to text facility which is absolutely free for anyone who is using Facebook.


3.     Live Streaming- Recently Facebook has added live streaming option through which people can see the live video of the streamer anywhere in the world if he/she is added with you in the profile or may not be depending upon the privacy setting.



4.     Location- Facebook allows to share the current location for maximum one hour.


5.     Tag- Facebook allows to tag others in their post, photos, videos etc and one notification will be sent to the person who has been tagged in the post.



6.     To create Page- Facebook also gives facility like creating own page, it can be business page, college page etc.


7.     To create group- Groups can be created through facebook where many people can be added to the single group and posts notification will be sent to each member of the group. Advantage of making a Facebook group is people of common interest can share their views and ideas.


8.     Event organization- One can organize an event through Facebook and it will help in the mass gathering. It will help to know the average people attending it or not.


9.     Comments- Facebook allow users to comment on the pictures, videos and other text posts. This feature of Facebook makes it more user friendly.


10.                         Marketplace- Now Facebook has grown so vast that it allows user to buy or sell things on social media platform. It has become a very big platform for the marketplace.


11.                         Friend Request- Users can send friend request to the known ones. And after the approval of request they can see their posts, pics and videos.


12.                         Boost Post- Now people can circulate posts among the public, most of this is paid. Boosting posts is normally paid service.


13.                         Job Posts- It is one of the latest modification done by Facebook where people can post about the latest jobs and help people to get relevant jobs.


14.                         Video Calling- Facebook gives facility of video calling free of costs. It even works very good in average internet connection.


15.                         Voice Calling- Facebook now has grown so vast that people can call each other without their phone number through facebook. But both should have working internet connection.


16.                        App installation- Apps can be installed through facebooks pages and ads running on the page. It will redirect to the download link.


17.                        Facebook Promotion- Digital promotion is at its peak now days and Facebook being the best platform for it. People are using Facebook and are coming to know about the new services and products being launched.


18.                         Games- This feature has made facebook very interesting and keeping crowd busy. Here one can invite his/her friends to play with them.


19.                        Short note- This feature is known to very few people who are using it. Short note facility provides user to write their poems thoughts and other related article and it will save within facebook.



20.                        Fund Raising- Facebook has added one of the most important option where one can add money or can raise money for a particular cause