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Really Impressed with DSOM’s Trainers, they are Best. – Bineet Pujara

Posted at: 02-03-2019 | Category: Testimonials | Author: DSOM
Really Impressed with DSOM’s Trainers, they are Best. – Bineet Pujara

DSOM is Digital Marketing Institute

Bineet Pujara

An interesting session with Bineet Pujara, DSOM’s Ex-trainee. Read on the complete interview to know how DSOM helped him to understand progress in the digital marketing world.

Q1Welcome, BINEET! Please introduce yourself to our readers?

Ans. Hello, I am Bineet I lived in Dehradun and I have done MCA from IMS Dehradun. Now I join DSOM for digital marketing training.

Q2. Please Tell Us, why you decided to go for Digital Marketing?

Ans. Good career opportunity   Because of the Digital revolution. Digital marketing is growing and wide filed and it is the best in the future.

Q3Why did you decide to join DSOM?

Ans. Because they are best in his job the reputation of this institute and heard a lot of good things about this institute. Their focus is in practical knowledge more than theory.

Q4How was your experience with DSOM?

Ans. My journey of DSOM going fabulous. DSOM mainly focus on the practical things. About the faculty of DSOM is so helpful and professional. The environment is very friendly.  I gain lots of knowledge from there.

Q5. Tell us the readers, How Digital Marketing helped in your Career?

Ans. I am the IT student. Digital Marketing helped me a lot to improve my skill . it gives me numbers of way how to earn money online.

Q6How would you rate DSOM’s training program on a scale of 1-10?


Q7What would you say to Digital Marketing Aspirants?

Ans. If you want to learn Digital Marketing, you must join DSOM they are the best in his job. They focus on practical.