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Using LinkedIn to market your Business online and Few steps to create Linkedin account

Posted at: 15-03-2019 | Category: SMO | Author: DSOM
Using LinkedIn to market your Business online and Few steps to create Linkedin account

Using LinkedIn to Market your Business 

LinkedIn is a free professional Networking site designed specifically for the business community where people/professional and the individual can stay connected with the other professional and millions of other users. It allows the user to follow the great personality providing the ideas for their inspiration. LinkedIn serves as the platform for exchanging the ideas, innovation, knowledge and employment opportunities among the different individuals. It provides employers with the tools to hire people through the online portal. LinkedIn is a great way to publish you online, i.e. anyone can easily find on Google if you have represented the well LinkedIn profile as LinkedIn appears in first or second search place

LinkedIn SMO activities include: 

1.Business intelligence gathering, relationship building and brand building to reap the full benefits of LinkedIn networking for you 

2.Integration of your LinkedIn efforts with your email and viral marketing campaigns 

3.Assisting you to be easily found out on LinkedIn by the target audience 

4. It  helps people connect with you to do business 

How to create LinkedIn Account 

Creating a LinkedIn account is easy but a little more involved than at some other social networking sites, which simply ask you to create a username and password. 

Step 1:  Go to the LinkedIn website first. 

Step 2:  When you open the website, after that you get some options, you will have to complete the information in the Join LinkedIn Today area of the homepage: 


1. First Name - Here you have to enter your first name. 

2. Last Name - Here you have to enter your SurName.

3.Email or Phone Number - In this, you enter an Email ID or Mobile Number. 

4.Password - At least 6 digit passwords will be entered. 

Step 3: In the next step, enter your mobile number for the Enter OTP and select the call or message option and click on the Send Code. 

Step 4: Then you will receive the code on the mobile number you enter, enter that code and click Verify Code. 

Step 5:  Then select your country and enter the Postal Code and click Next. 

Step 6:  Then you get an option in the next page that Is You a Student? According to that, you select Yes or No and you have to complete your profile by filling out the information you requested. 

Step 7: In the next step, according to the option that you select, your intro will be known, and then you can read that information and select that option accordingly

Step 8:  After that, you will get a LinkedIn Confirm Email on the email id that you entered, you will have to complete your email verification by clicking on the link to that email. 

In this way, your account on LinkedIn has been prepared.